Loved the thrill of the zipline? Our Canyon Plunge is calling your name! This electrifying 60ft jump off the cliff is included as an optional part of every tour. Your adrenaline will be pumping as you walk towards the edge in anticipation of that skip, run, or step off into the canyon. The HeadRush QuickJump device is securely fastened to an incredibly strong attachment, which makes the entire experience safe. Adventure seekers will drop at approximately 20 miles per hour without fear because of the unique eddy magnetic braking system that smoothly controls the final descent. Not ready to take the leap? No pressure. Just give us a thumbs up or thumbs down after you watch us jump! Participants must be more than 35 lbs and less than 250 lbs. Those who are pregnant, have any type of heart condition or heart-related issues, or have any type of spinal injury or weak spine condition may not ride the Canyon Plunge.

The Plunge

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